Father and Son Bonding

Many boys are close to their mothers but bonding of father and son is always special. If Mom teaches manners then father taught how to be a gentleman. If mom teaches how to treat a girl then father taught how to impress a girl. If mom teaches rules of home then father taught how to rule the world.

Father and son relation is made of same hormones and bones. If you and your father is like a friend, then believe me you do not need any more friend in your life. You can share every moment with him and he will be always stood with you.

funny fathers day cards

But the most essential element of father and son relation is humor. You can see this kind of amazing humor in funny fathers day cards. These cards can relate you to the practical humor so easily. Lack of father’s day card ideas? Visit youtube now.

Some father day cards mention fight over TV remote then some will show real fan instead of FAN. You can see tones of amazing creativity on these cards.

After reading this, if you do not know when is fathers day? Then let me tell you, it is on 19th June.

So on this fathers day, please spend some quality time with your father.