Karva Chauth in India

Karva Chauth is one of the most important rituals in Hindu’s world. On this day married woman keep fast for the long age of her husband. They broke their fast after seeing the moon in the night.

Before breaking the fast married woman listen to karva chauth katha.

All kind of hindu family (including sikh) celebrate this occasion.


Youtube and drawing tutorials

Kids love Dolphin, Dog, cat and few other cute animals. Hence they try to draw them too often. Earlier there were only local drawing classes where we used to go to learn basic sketch skills.

But now there are numerous of website that can help you to learn various arts and skills. Youtube is one of them. If you want to learn How to draw a Dolphin or any kind of other drawing then simply visit youtube and query for your search. You will get hundreds of results within fraction of seconds. Now it is up to you to choose from these results and watch videos.

How to draw a Dolphin

You can filter your search with number of views or length of video. Along with mentioned two filters you can also filter the list with relevance and recently added.

There are many other handy options available and few of them are: you can easily share these videos to your social media profile, you can save them in your watch later list or if you like anyone’s drawing then you can subscribe their channel for future videos.

With the help of comments section you can give thanks to the video uploaded and can add few encouraging words for his or her artist skill.

More or less youtube is a social platform where there are many drawing videos available. Search for the YoKidz Drawing and you will see amazing drawing tutorial with details and clarity.

Alia Bhatt and her performances

Highway, 2 States, Kapoor and Sons and now Udta Punjab – These are the movies name which done by Alia Bhatt. She is only 4 years old in bollywood industry and already marked her moves.

She is not another chocolaty face who is busy in doing typical bollywood actress kind of roles. She is performing and proving herself as the daughter of one of the most versatile director of bollywood, Mahesh Bhatt.

In Udta Punjab Review, Alia is getting special respect for her performance as Bihari girl in Punjab. To accept this kind of roles, you need guts and courage. We are sure that in Alia Bhatt Upcoming Movies 2016, she will give us more surprise with her amazing performance.

It’s nice to see that Indian actress are getting more respected roles on continue basis.

Father and Son Bonding

Many boys are close to their mothers but bonding of father and son is always special. If Mom teaches manners then father taught how to be a gentleman. If mom teaches how to treat a girl then father taught how to impress a girl. If mom teaches rules of home then father taught how to rule the world.

Father and son relation is made of same hormones and bones. If you and your father is like a friend, then believe me you do not need any more friend in your life. You can share every moment with him and he will be always stood with you.

funny fathers day cards

But the most essential element of father and son relation is humor. You can see this kind of amazing humor in funny fathers day cards. These cards can relate you to the practical humor so easily. Lack of father’s day card ideas? Visit youtube now.

Some father day cards mention fight over TV remote then some will show real fan instead of FAN. You can see tones of amazing creativity on these cards.

After reading this, if you do not know when is fathers day? Then let me tell you, it is on 19th June.

So on this fathers day, please spend some quality time with your father.


Aamir Khan and his films

There are few actors in Bollywood, they always give their 100 percent in their acting. You can easily feel their dedication on the screen. One of such name is Aamir Khan. Because of his perfection in acting, people started to call him Mr. Perfectionist as well. Though Aamir was always good in acting, but in last one decade, his acting skill improved a lot.

I think Aamir pick period started after the movie “Lagaan”, he was simply amazing in that movie. Aamir’s command over local language was simply mind blowing. After Lagaan, we saw many hit movies from Aamir and few of them are Dil Chahta Hai, Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par, 3 Idiots and many more.

If we talk about the Aamir Khan Top 10 Movies, then this will be a quite tough topic to consider. It’s not like that we would have hard time to pick top 10 movies, but real hard time will be to arrange those 10 films as per his performances. So to avoid that trauma, I think we should list movies as per year of release.

Below is one video of Aamir Top 10 Movies, please watch and let us know your view in comment section


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