Gautam Gulati Style

Gautam Gulati Bigg Boss contestantThough almost all the contestants of Big Boss 8 are stylish (except Puneet and Aryan) but Gautam Gulati style is separate from others. His body language perfectly fit with his style.

Shadow of Salman Style – If you notice closely than you will see that somewhere he copy the style of Salman Khan. The way he talks and his face expression was similar to Salman Khan.

His Body – If you want to be a stylish icon than your body will play a major role in that. Gautam’s body really supports his style. He has 6 packs and he never hesitant to show them off.

His Hair Style – Gautam Gulati have long face and I think his current hair style does not suit his look. May be he should try different hair style or consult with Diandra (which is not going to happen in near future). Sometime his hairs are really messy and look awkward.

His Dress sense – There is nothing special about his dress sense code. He always wears next door kind of guy. Now only gautam gulati wife can do some changes on his hair style.

There is no doubt that Bigg Boss Season 8 dominated by Gautam Gulati so far and we hope that he will carry it till the grand finale.


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