Aishwarya and Intimate Scenes

Aish HotMany Indian top actresses were not interested or comfortable in doing intimate scenes or bed scenes, and our Aishwarya Rai was one of them.

But with the film “Shabd”, Aishwarya Rai broke this jinx and gave some physical and smoking scene with Sanjay Dutt. We must say that Aishwarya Rai added fire in these clips. If you will search the internet with the word Aishwarya Rai Hot Scenes then you will see this video at the top.

In the movie “The Mistress of Spices”, Aishwarya Rai once again gave kissing and bed scene. This time she did with the Firangi actor (Dylan McDermott). I must admit that she was looking amazing in the scene with the red saree and the way he show her navel.

I am sure with these two videos, many people desires to see Aish hot video have been fulfilled.

Aish Hot 2We must admit that Indian audiences are not open for this kind of bed and intimate scenes. This matter is still taking as the taboo and people do not want to talk about it openly, though they would love to watch this kind of scene whenever they are alone or with their bed partners or friends.

Even there are high possibilities that you may found videos of Aishwarya Rai hot scenes in many people’s hard drive or mobile phones. People are circulating these videos through social media and now with many mobile apps.


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