Social Media and Babu Ji

Sanskaari JokesSocial Media gave us many reasons to smile. With this latest technology, we can share our thoughts in front of whole world. We can share our sweet memories with our loved ones easily. But we also get another big aspect (can be use in positive or negative manner) and i.e., making fun of celebrity so easily and once its popular everyone started to add their creativity in such leg pulling.

This year Indian social users got another scapegoat in the form of Alok Nath. Few people made fun of Alok Nath’s sanskaar and created jokes on this topic. Later on whole India jumped into this –

There are many interesting and amazing jokes added to the name of Babu Ji. Some of Alok Nath Jokes are so hilarious that you will die by laughing. See here the collection –

Technology plays an interesting part on it. People who have smart phone or desktop can easily add texts on the Alok Nath photos and later can publish through phone itself. Now people have smart phone with internet connection so this broke the barrier and result is in front of us.

Twitter and Facebook – these are the 2 platforms that helped to spread these jokes all around the globe. Sometime in twitter these jokes were trending. People were coming with amazing ideas for these jokes and sharing with each other.


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