Katrina Kaif workout details

Workout Regimen of Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif Height and Weight DetailsWith Katrina Kaif age, it would only make sense for her to make sure that she is fit enough to survive in the Bollywood industry. She follows a workout regimen which is effective together with a strict diet. And with her is Pradeep Bhatia who makes sure that she follows the necessary exercises for her workout. Her exercise regimen is usually done an hour a day and 3 days in a week whichwas structured as such because of her busy schedule.

Katrina’s exercises are composed of jogging, swimming, iso-planking, meditation and yoga. Mostly focusing on building her core and ab exercises, she goes to the gym thrice a week. In addition, she has Yasmin Karachiwala to assist her in yoga sessions for her mental health. All these health activities enable her to have a toned body which is why Katrina Kaif weight is as it is at this moment.

katrina-kaif-ageBesides her exercise regimen, her diet is also one of the factors to consider in being healthy and fit. One of the most important factor in    her diet is water intake. Katrina is said to consumer 4 glasses of water every morning every day. In addition, she stays away from too much carbohydrates especially from rice but settles with brown rice for just enough carbohydrates her body needs. For protein, she settles for chicken and fish. And of course, leafy vegetables and fruits fill her dieting program.

Since it is important to look good in this kind of industry, a proportionate body is needed. With Katrina Kaif height, her weight is maintained proportional with it. With her kind of workout routine and a strict diet, it is not surprising that she was able to have that fit and sexy body anyone would want to look at. And with this kind of body, she can land the jobs she wants to have anytime.


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