Alia Bhatt Height and her past

Alia Bhatt HeightAlia Bhatt is an Indian actress that came from a very prominent family in the industry with a famous director as a father, Mahesh Bhatt, who established his own film company.

Her family also had problems and bumps that they had to go through. One of those problems on Alia’s part is getting bullied and teased about his father having two wives when she was still young. Despite being made fun though because of their family situation, Alia said that having her father beside her made everything better.

Currently, with Alia Bhatt age, she is able to understand her father more and accept the situation she currently and forever will be in. In addition to that, the family has also gotten closer and through time they’ve learned to accept it. But amidst that all, her perspectives in different issues in life are affected with the situation that her family is in.

While growing up, problems do not surround on Alia Bhatt weight like most teens experience which is probably why she grew up a little fat without having to worry about that. Her father has been a strong figure for her in all aspects of her life. Her father was a protective one while she was growing up. Alia and her sister were prohibited from dating. But she doesn’t mind.  In fact because of her family’s situation, she decided not to get married unless she already wants to have babies.

Alia Bhatt 2Despite Alia Bhatt height reaching 5 ft. and 5 in. –, she is still a daddy’s girl who loves his attention as well as yearn for time with him. In addition to that, with Alia entering the industry, the only thing she’s waiting from her father is to tell her that he’s proud of her which is also why she wants to get by in the industry on her own without riding on her father’s name.


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