Secret of Deepika Padukone Height

Deepika-Padukone-on-GQ-coverDeepika Padukone is a famous Indian actress whose schedule is filled with taping and social gatherings she’s required to attend. But amidst her busy schedule, she never misses to spend the rest of her spare time with the things she loves doing.

This actress is a mixture of both an adventurer and a homebody. As known to most people, she was a Badminton player way back before she even entered the industry and this is a simple pleasure she still pampers herself once in a while. And being young as depicted in Deepika Padukone age, she is always up for different kinds of adventures. She’s a sports enthusiast especially when it comes to extreme ones like scuba diving. She’s also into nature and outdoor so much that trekking and camping are almost always part of her itinerary when she has a free time. Kickboxing is also one of her guilty pleasures. With her sexy body and toned limbs, it is not surprising that Deepika Padukone weight is well maintained.

Deepika Padukone HeightBesides her adventurous side, she also has this peaceful and gentle side that would just prefer staying at home when she has spare time. She loves playing board games at home like chess and even snakes and ladders. This serves as a little glimpse of what she enjoys as a child. And with Deepika Padukone height –, we can also say that she could be a good basketball or volleyball player as well, she simply loves sleeping as well as eating and lazing around watching movies.

The newest known hobby which she is alleged into right now is taking care of her Tulsi plant, a famous medicinal herb in India. She is said to take care of this plant in the utmost extent she can even when she’s out of the country for a movie taping and other similar activities. In fact, she is said to call once in a while to check on the plant. This makes her closer to nature than what the public generally knows!


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