Ranbir Kapoor Flop Movies

Since his debut in 2007, the celebrity kid of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh had seen a bit of hiccups in his acting career in the Bollywood Industry. He is one of the highest paid actors of the industry today and peoples are looking forward for his all new movie in 2014 and 2015 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXYfbugMsGs. Although he has umpteen of films to boast of his acting career since his debut, he has had a consistent choice of bad films every now and then. The following list elaborates some of his flop movies throughout the career.


Ranbir Kapoor Flop MovieThe debut movie of Ranbir Kapoor, Saawariya was an eternal Flop. It acclaimed its super flopped nature to the stunning Shah Rukh Khan starrer Om Shanti Om that released precisely equivalent to Saawariya. The movie was a direction of Sanjay Leela Bansali, which released in the year 2007.

The genre was a unique focus on musical romance and is based on the stunning Dostoyevsky story, White Nights. While Dostoyevksy received sky-high appreciation for his incredible short story, Saawariya on the other hand took another way of telling the same, only to witness a divine failure.  The film saw the debut of two great yester-year bollywood-celebrity-kid’s , Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor.

The story opens with a narration by Rani Mukherji who plays the character of a prostitute who often visits RK Bar . The bar’s lead singer is Ranbir Kapoor with whom Rani’s character Gulaabi is in love with. Ranbir played the role of an extremely kind and big hearted chocolate boy. En route, he meets a girl Sakina, the character played by Sonam Kapoor. He falls madly in love with Sakina and the story continues with Ranbir proposing her with a song he sings in RK Bar. The ending shows Sakina seeing SaIman who was her previous lover and Ranbir coaxing her to go with him.

The movie was made on a 360 million budget but amassed 22 million only.


Ranbir Kapoor failed film besharam posterThe story revolves around the comic setup of thievery with Ranbir Kapoor playing the role of a burglar. He is an orphan who eventually grew up to become a thief, with Babli as his partner in crime.  The movie continues in a twisted fashion where Ranbir falls in love with Babli, who does not have the same feelings for him.

The film was designed to be developed for a hit but saw the odds after its stunning opening. Studios were very apprehensive due to the cracks noticed at the inception itself.

The movie was made on a 90 million budget while it amassed 85 million in the box office plays. It fell short of its target soon after the negative critical responses about it. The main reason can also relate to the super hit running of the SRK Starrer – Chennai Express, at the same time.

Rocket Singh

RK flop film Rocket SinghRocket Singh: Salesman of the Year was another flopped movie of Ranbir Kapoor that was directed by Shimit Amin under the production of Aditya Chopra’s banner of Yash Raj Films. The story revolved around a Sikh salesperson that is hired by a top-notch computer assembly company.

This film was brought to box office after the super hit sales of Wake Up Sid, although it never came even close to the former’s box office collections.

The film was made on a budget of 150 million but the box office amassed just a 160 million. The critics stated Ranbir’s performance as understated and poor. However, some claimed it to be one of the coolest films of the year as well.


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